A review by Chuck Ott

Doug is known as an artist, animator and comics creator – in particular, he wrote and illustrated the Dynamo Joe comic series (ask any trufan comics guy about that!) and has an Emmy award for his work on Animaniacs. Squadron is a Thirties-style pulp adventure in the tradition of Doc Savage. A comet strikes the Earth! Mountains are raised through the middle of the Atlantic! Contact with Europe is lost, and only one intrepid airman flying an experimental plane, with a glamorous movie star/lady aviator at his side, has a chance of getting through! Evil empires! Air pirates! Many more exclamation points!

Cautions and caveats: If you’re a fan of Doc Savage, you can stop reading now – you need this book. If you haven’t been exposed to pulp fiction of the Thirties, you should know that Doug has gotten this period style down perfectly. It’s somewhat different than modern writing, and you might want to browse the book before buying. There are no other warnings – no sex, no gratuitous violence, nothing like that.

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