About Doug Rice

Doug is one of the artist guests at FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention. We’ll have a better write-up later, but for now, here’s what the con said about him:

Doug Rice is an American comic-book artist, writer, and animator. In the 1970s, he was hired by First Comics as their one-man production staff. Later, his duties expanded to include creating and penciling “Dynamo Joe.” In 1985 he received San Diego Con’s Russ Manning “Most Promising Newcomer.” Doug has also worked as a Freelancer with companies such as Comico, Image Comics, DC Comics, Marvel, Disney Comics, and more. He drew “Manhunter” and “Plastic Man” for DC between 1988-1989 and was a writer the “Roger Rabbit” stories by the 1990s. Other titles he has worked on include “Starblazers,” “Toxic Avenger,” “What The–?!,” and “Tales of the TMNT,” and “Stupid.” Doug’s animation credits include “E-Man and “Camelot 3000,” “Starslayer,” and “Animaniacs.” His work on “Animaniacs” includes storyboarding and background layouts for which he received an Emmy. In addition to his work in the comic and animation industries, Doug has a veteran of the US Air Force and teaches animation at the Columbia College of the Arts.